Max berthelot character 3d
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Max berthelot wt2
Max berthelot character3 4

2d character in Maya, inspired by the CastleVania and Vanillaware games.
Done with Photoshop and Maya only. I made the normal map of the character in Photoshop with a Special method. Thus the armor and other part of the body can reflect the surrounding lights.
After painting the chara in Photoshop i've put the parts of the body on some plane in Maya with some quick depth and shape.
Only the shield, the sword and the arms are in 3D shapes to be able to move it freely.

But why doing this ? To my understanding, for a 2d game purpose, this is one of the best way to keep the original painting of a character and have 3d lights effect on the character. And it's more faster than modeling an entire Chara. I hope you like it.